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Master the art of holistic healing with functional nutrition

Lead the future of healthcare with iThrive Academy’s in-depth online functional nutrition course.

Study functional nutrition in-depth and get certified with iThrive Academy’s online functional nutrition course.
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4 months
4 months

Learn functional nutrition from the leading experts and gain the skills to reverse chronic diseases with the comprehensive online functional nutrition course.

Program Overview

Functional Nutrition is a powerful cornerstone of Functional Medicine. iThrive Academy’s Certification in Functional Nutrition is a 4-month online course that involves teaching across 12 modules focussed entirely on different aspects of patient healing. Recognised as one of the best online functional nutrition course, it is centered on the importance of taking different essential elements of an individual, such as their lifestyle, health history, genetics, etc., into account and concluding on root causes before giving any nutritional guidance.


Pillar 1: The Human Body
Pillar 2: Functional Nutrients and Dietary Supplements
Pillar 3: Nutrients and their Metabolic pathways
Pillar 4: Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Pillar 5: Deep Dive into Health Dysfunctions
Pillar 6: Functional Nutrition Therapy
Pillar 7: Gut Health from a Functional Nutrition Lens
Pillar 8: Functional Detoxification
Pillar 9: Mental Health, the Nervous System and Functional Nutrition
Pillar 10: How to be a Health Coach
Pillar 11: Everyday EMF and Health
Pillar 12: Functional Movement
Pillar 13: Bonus Lectures
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Career Opportunities

Organizations are hiring leaders, rather than employees. This is the time to bridge the gap. Hone your skills in:
  • Functional Nutritionist
  • Health Coach
  • Functional Nutrition Counsellor
  • Nutrition Researcher
  • iThrive Acadmy Faculty
  • Diet Planner

Program Certificate

Upon successful completion of the program, iThrive Academy will grant averified certificate of completion to students.

Programme Outcome


Online Internship for all students


Continued access to the latest research shared in iThrive Academy’s private student group


Monthly real-life case discussions

See what our students have to say


Batch 3 Student

The course has been amazing and very inspirational so far, the knowledge depthand base of the teachers is commendable. If you are passionate about learning howyou can take control of your health and thereby your life .. in an Indian backdropthis is the course. How much you can assimilate and how much more you canresearch is totally individual but there is so much guidance. Sometimes I'm guilty ofasking stupid questions but each of them are patiently answered by my teachers. Ihighly recommend this course.