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Decode Advanced Medical Test Data and Transform your Practice

Learn to decipher the data unraveled by cutting-edge diagnostic tests to get to the bottom of health dysfunctions and provide enhanced individualised treatment.

Take your practice to new heights.
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Deep Dive into Advanced Test Course by iThrive Academy & Research Centre







About the Course

Technology has revolutionized the field of healthcare. Its peculiar impact is seen in the diagnosis of health disorders. Leading-edge tests like GI MAP, OMX and Genetics tests penetrate the bodily systems and magnify the minutest elements to reveal the exact reason for diseases and severity of infections.

It has become inevitable for healthcare practitioners to have knowledge of such advanced tests. This course will enable you to comprehend the test data, draw accurate conclusions and devise targeted treatment plans to achieve the most optimal outcomes in your cases.

It will empower you to make informed decisions and resolve complicated health concerns thereby elevating your practice and reputation.


Session 1: Introduction to the Gut and the Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus (GI MAP) test
Session 2: Interpreting the Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus test
Session 3: Practical aspects of Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus test
Session 4: Introduction to Organic Metabolomics (OMX) test
Session 5: Interpreting Organic Metabolomics (OMX) test
Session 6: Practical Aspects of the Organic Metabolomics test  (Part-1)
Session 7: Practical Aspects of the Organic Metabolomics Test  (Part-2)
Session 8:  Introduction to Functional Genomic Analysis (FGA)
Session 9: Interpreting the Functional Genomics Analysis (Part 1)
Session 10: Interpreting the Functional Genomics Analysis (Part 2)
Session 11: Understanding Genetic Analysis by ‘Self Decode’
Session 12: Deep Dive into the Blood Report Analysis
Session 13: Case study discussion
Session 14: Solving a case together
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Why Advanced Tests are Important?

GI Map:

Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus (GI MAP) discloses pathogens, viruses and harmful bacteria in the gut. It is used in diagnosing gut disorders, and the level of infections and can help in finding out the roots of other diseases lying in the gut.


Organic Metabolomics Test (OMX) is vital for assessing the organic acids, their pathways and their performance in the body. It provides insights into deficiencies, biochemical dysfunctions, mental health factors and reasons for chronic illnesses.


Functional Genomic Analysis serves as a blueprint for the functioning of the body. It is crucial for studying predisposition to illnesses, epigenetics, and the development of diseases. The test can guide interventions for the prevention and treatment of complex disorders.