Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the eligibility criteria for admission?

Healthcare professionals, Non-healthcare professionals, and all other professionals are welcome.

2. Are there any other courses that ITHRIVE Academy provides?

We do provide advanced courses in Dietary and Sports supplements and Interpretation of blood tests. However, there’s a separate eligibility criterion for both of them. Do contact us to know more.

3. What is the duration of this course?

It is 4 months of course which includes 3.5 months of teaching followed by 15 days of practical training.

4. Is it a diploma or certification course?

A certification course of functional nutrition as a specialization.

5. What is the difference between Nutrition/dieticians and Functional nutrition course?

Functional nutrition focuses on preventive care, to find the root causes of any problem, and not just cover up the symptoms

6. What will be my career options after completing this course?

You can help and heal people by reversing their lifestyle from any chronic disease by working as a certified functional nutritionist.

7. Is this course have any affiliation with any University?

ITHRIVE academy’s Functional Nutrition is affiliated with ITHRIVE- healing and beyond which is a Functional Nutrition coaching company based in Pune

8. Are the classes pre-recorded or live?

All classes will be held live on a video conferencing platform and also a video recording of the same will be provided after each lecture for future reference.

9. Is this course 100% online ? Do i need to attend any classes in person?

This course is totally online as we only work on a virtual platform. Hassle-free classes delivered at your comfort zone.

10. I'm interested in this course but i don't belong to science background, will it work for me?

Yes. We’ve designed the course with the consideration of basics and simultaneously introduce the science of functional nutrition.

11. How is the evaluation process?

The students are continuously evaluated through assignments, unit tests, and practical exams. Apart from these, a final evaluation in the form of case study presentations is conducted.