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Functional Sports Nutrition Course by iThrive Academy

One-month online functional sports nutrition certificate course taught by experts in functional nutrition and sports nutrition.

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Functional Sports Nutrition Course
About the course

Functional Sports Nutrition is a combination of ‘Functional Nutrition’ and ‘Sports Nutrition.’ The curriculum of this course is based on the application of Functional nutrition science in enhancing sports performance.

Functional nutrition intricately looks at an individual’s biometrics and combining it with sports science elevates sports nutrition to a new level.

iThrive Academy’s advanced sports nutrition course transcends outdated knowledge presented by nutrition and fitness courses. It is backed by cutting-edge scientific research which will equip you with newer and deeper aspects to unleash athletic performance to the fullest.

Module 1
Exercise Physiology

  • Energy System
  • Health and Skill related component
  • Exercise and adapting to exercise
  • Physical fitness testing

Module 2

  • Micronutrients
  • Macronutrients
  • Antioxidants
  • Energy expenditure calculation

Module 3
Interpreting Blood tests

  • Understanding blood
  • Importance of blood work
  • Importance of blood tests in sports
  • Important blood parameters

Module 4
Component Specific Nutrition

  • Understanding the physiology of specific sports
  • Endurance Sports
  • Strength Sports
  • Mixed sports

Module 5
Nutritional Periodization

  • Understanding Periodization
  • Understanding body types
  • Phases of periodization
  • How to make a periodized table of sports

Module 6
Hydration Strategies

  • Phases of liquid intake
  • Understanding fluid balance
  • Safe hydration strategies for athletes
  • Electrolytes for sports

Module 7
Sports Supplements and Ergogenic Aids

  • Commonly used sports supplements
  • How to choose safe and effective supplements
  • Introduction to doping
  • Rules and regulations of WADA

Module 8
Hormonal Health

  • What are hormones
  • Role of hormones in sports
  • Various hormones that affect sports
  • Factors affecting hormonal health in athletes

Module 9
Sports Genomics

  • Importance of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics in sports
  • Gut health and athletic performance
  • Use of genetics testing for athletes
  • Genes responsible for evaluating sports performance

Module 10
Practical Aspects of Sports Nutrition

  • Loopholes of sports nutrition
  • Problems faced by athletes in following sports nutrition
  • Tips to make sports nutrition easy to follow
  • Discussion

Turn your
Passion into Profession

What makes functional sports nutrition more relevant and advanced than conventional sports nutrition?

Know the difference and make the right choice


Broad field that deals with the nutritional needs of athletes
Less concerned with the overall health
Considers the application of nutrition principles to improve exercise, performance, recovery, and fitness
Studies Macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration and timing of consumption of nutrients
More of a traditional approach


Specialized subset of sports nutrition that focuses on targeted nutrition
Gives priority to blood tests and views enhanced performance as a result of healed and optimized body
Besides nutrition, it emphasizes the use of functional foods and specific nutrients to address individual health and performance needs
Examines functional foods, supplements and neutraceuticals along with nutrients and hydration
Has current insights and advanced knowledge

Why take this course?

1 Learn to interpret blood tests and harness their potential in enhancing the performance of athletes
2 Get acquainted in-depth with sports exercise and health science
3 Apply functional nutrition principles and design personalized sports diet for athletes based on individual health concerns and performance targets
4 Understand in detail about supplements and ergogenic aids for individual sports categories
5 Decipher the impact of hormonal changes on sports activities
6 Get updated with cutting-edge knowledge and approaches in nutrition for physical fitness and sports
7 Take charge of your health and power up your performance

Here are the exciting prospects you'll unlock after taking this course:

Increase your earning potential as a fitness professional
Build a strong foundation in the field of sports nutrition
Work as a professional Sports and fitness Nutritionist
Collaborate with athletes to optimise their performance
Become a researcher in athlete food production verticals
Gain a competitive edge and stay ahead in your game

Ready to achieve
new heights?

Who is this course for?



Health coaches

Fitness Specialists

Sports coaches

Functional medicine practitioners

Sports enthusiasts


Interested in upskilling

Added benefits of Learning with iThrive Academy

1 In detailed explanations of all the topics by experienced Functional Nutritionists and Sports Nutritionists
2 Online, LIVE sessions to ease understanding, explore knowledge beyond curriculum and get the optimal outcome with shared learnings
3 Lifetime access to recorded sessions
4 Downloadable PDFs of all the presentations
5 Certification of course completion
6 Access to a knowledge forum for continuous learning and development

Advance your knowledge and stay at the forefront with the
Best Sports Nutrition course online

Meet your expert instructor

Meryn is a core part of iThrive’s Sports Nutrition Verticle Evolve. She believes that “Nutrition can either make a great athlete good or a good athlete great”. Meryn is passionate about helping sports persons by applying her knowledge of sports nutrition in enhancing their performance and making their lives healthier and happier.

An Instructor at iThrive Academy, Deepakshi has been in charge of designing courses that add to practical knowledge for the students in functional nutrition. She believes in imparting knowledge backed by scientific facts and ensures a high-quality student experience with her teaching methodology.

iThrive Academy is a functional nutrition teaching institute that provides India’s only Online Certification Course in Functional Nutrition. It has had a promising tenure grooming 200+ successful functional nutritionists up till now. The institute is internationally recognized with top functional nutrition expert instructors empowering students to turn their passion for nutrition and healing into rewarding career opportunities.

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