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Heal the Healers

A 12-week therapeutic journey for healers involving deep psychological, emotional and spiritual self-work to release & heal childhood traumas, become emotionally resilient, awaken your soul’s purpose, and live in full embodiment with your truest self and greatest potential.

About the Program

“Heal, because healed people heal people” -Mugdha Pradhan

Healing is a beautiful, benevolent yet challenging profession. Centuries ago, Plato propounded the idea that wounded healers are the best kind of healers. The healers who have themselves suffered from illnesses & traumas are more empathetic, determined and creative in treating their clients.However, such healers themselves struggle with depression, anxiety, emotional distortions, and other mental health issues. They are vulnerable to their clients’s sufferings and emotionally fragile. They don’t get the care and tools they need to heal and care for themselves.This program is curated for nurturing the mental, emotional & spiritual needs of healers so that they can acknowledge their own unrealized feelings, recover from mental health issues, understand their higher soul mission, and get empowered to create a positive impact in the world around them. Heal the Healers is not just a coaching program, it’s a sacred space for your personal renewal.

Embark on a self-discovery, healing and empowerment journey with Mugdha Pradhan:

Personal Guidance Sessions:
Over 50 hours of recorded content
Meditation practices
Movement Lessons
Therapeutic Breathwork

How will it help?

Heal the Healers is a transformative program where you will engage with your internal self, explore external systems and learn the modalities necessary to regulate your mental & emotional states in diverse circumstances.


Learn how your psyche and life are shaped by your deep-seated beliefs, patterns and traumas

Explore the various factors that influence your life’s journey, such as biology, history, divinity, occult, family and astrology

Restore your physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional well-being and get the tools to sustain this for the rest of your life

Have a better relationship with yourself and others

Achieve inner growth, flexibility and mental clarity to become a nurturing healer

Shatter the limiting beliefs and scarcity programming to comprehend your true potential and gain a greater sense of peace and purpose in life

Utilize powerful meditation, movement, Yoga and breathing techniques to better handle stressful situations

Clear the obstructions between you and the Divine source to reinstate your soul’s connection with the universe and tap into its immense energetic field

Create abundance and joy in your life

Feel inspired, creative and confident in bringing your greatest gifts to the world

heal the healers

Who is this Program for?

This program is curated to care, nurture and support iThrive Academy’s students to become antifragile, resilient yet sensitive healers the world needs at this hour.

You can enroll for this metamorphic experience if:
✔ You are facing mental and emotional issues and want to overcome them

✔ You want to traverse the spiritual world and discern its nuances that can enrich your connection with the Divine and universe

✔ You want to become an empathetic yet antifragile healer

✔ You want to know the significance of caring for self while caring for others and learn the techniques for the same

✔ You want to be in a serene mental and emotional state while being high on energy & self-motivation
✔ You want to know the bigger reality of the cosmos and activate your soul mission

✔ You want to discover the tools that can help you deal with the mentally demanding and emotionally difficult situations you might encounter in your practice

✔ You want to discover the tools that can help you deal with the mentally demanding and emotionally difficult situations you might encounter in your practice

The world needs your healing light

It begins by Nurturing the flam within. Embark on a path to heal, rejuvenate and empower yourself, because healers deserve healing too.

What do other Learners have to say?

My journey with Heal the Healers has been a beautiful one😍I always knew I need to keep boundaries, but in this course, I learned how to actually do it.
I always knew my traumas are impacting my behavior but didn't know how to come out of it, now that I am at the end of the course I can actually do that!!
The change I see in myself is surprising. 🤩💃

Sana V

Heal the Healers was something much needed for me.
I was having concerns with old patterns, traumas and keeping boundaries were something challenging for me.
Now I feel I am at much better state and this change feels amazing.❤️

Rashmi R.

The investment  in the  Heal the healers course is extremely worth it. In this course, I discovered myself , got the courage to face my trauma and inner conflicts . I  got present to my triggers leading to a whole new level of self discovery. It’s been a magical journey indeed. The way energy within and around has shifted is unbelievable. I am simply in love with this new version of myself after the course . Thank you Mugdha for this wonderful space and this amazing course.

Deepti Pandit

I am Suyash Bhandari, a health coach and supplement chief at iThrive. I joined Heal the Healers program to break my unhealthy patterns and improve my self-care. The program challenged me to stick to daily practices, transform my body and mind, and heal my core beliefs and shadows. It helped me understand and overcome my triggers and serve my divine purpose. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to explore and master their mind. Mugdha is an amazing mentor who simplifies complex concepts and provides practical tools. She inspires me to grow stronger every day. Thank you, Mugdha, for your light and guidance.🙏🤝Love and Chi✨

Suyash B.

Hello Healers, I am Avinash. I am a health coach and a Business consultant. I joined the program specifically keeping in mind the nature of my work. I work with clients/Vendors and many people with diverse backgrounds and energies. I wanted to learn how to protect myself and embody my soul within this body without fear of getting misused/abused. This fantastic work of creation by Mugdha Pradhan equipped me with enough tools not only to protect my boundaries but give out more and more as i discovered an endless supply of healing energy within me. It made me feel closer to myself and ultimately to the divine.Strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to explore possibilities of limitless soul within. I loved doing it and I am sure you will too! Thank you Mugdha for being part of my self exploration.

Avinash D.

Meet your guide

Mugdha Pradhan

Founder & CEO, iThrive

Mugdha Pradhan is a renowned Functional Nutritionist and Psycho-spiritual coach. She holds Master's degree in nutrition and possesses a rich experience of 22 years in healing lifestyle diseases and mental issues. Mugdha herself suffered from numerous diseases, mental health problems and spiritual crises for a long time before she transformed her health holistically using functional nutrition. She realized that healing is incomplete without revivifying mental and emotional wellness and strengthening the connection between body, mind, spirit and the universe.

Mugdha believes that her experience with physical and mental problems highly influences and elevates her healing practice. While teaching iThrive’s Certification in Functional Nutrition course she observed that students who are getting trained to enter the responsible profession of healing themselves needed mental, emotional & spiritual support. Heal the Healers was initiated by Mugdha driven by her desire to teach other healers how to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resilient and provide them with self-care practices that can benefit them while navigating their noble quest of healing lives. 

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