About iThrive Academy & Research Centre (iARC)

iARC is an educational business vertical of iThrive, a revolutionary platform for functional health and wellness. iThrive Academy & Research Centre brought Functional Nutrition Courses to India for the first time and has since empowered hundreds to build successful careers as healers, and equipped dozens of healthcare practitioners with knowledge and skills to wholly treat their clients' concerns.
Our journey began with our flagship 4-month course, 'Certification in Functional Nutrition', and has now grown immensely to include a variety of short and advanced courses, masterclasses, and many more certificate courses. Our curriculum – set apart by its holistic modality – includes relevant topics surrounding human health and health dysfunctions, viewed from a Functional Nutrition lens. This includes valuable approaches to disease reversal that are not talked about elsewhere.
Imparting this crucial knowledge to eager minds helps us create the healthy world we dream of, where lifestyle diseases are a thing of the past and every mind and soul is thriving.

What is
Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is a powerful cornerstone to Functional Medicine. It is a holistic wellness approach that takes into account all the essential aspects of an individual such as their daily habits, important health metrics, current lifestyle and the environment they are living in.

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Power of Root Cause Analysis

The emergence of chronic diseases isn't sudden, it is the result of untreated abnormalities like nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, infections and more. Root Cause Analysis helps detect the key areas of distress that resulted in the emergence of the disease.

Analysing the Blood Using Optimal Ranges

The blood is your body's data centre. While analysing the blood parameters, it is important to use optimal ranges rather than reference ranges for accurate interpretation.

Importance of Personalised Treatment Plans

Every individual is unique. The individual's lifestyle, genetics, environment, health history, all need to be considered while designing the perfect treatment plan.

Holistic Approach to Healing

The body is an interconnected web of systems. Complete reversal of disease is only possible with mind, body and soul healing.

Conventional medicine doesn’t stand a chance of turning the tide against chronic disease ...

But you do.

Join our mission to create healthier, happier, lifestyle-disease free communities across the world every single day

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flagship course

iThrive’s Certification in Functional Nutrition (iCFN)

iThrive Academy’s Certification in Functional Nutrition is a 4 month online course. It involves teaching across 12 modules focussed entirely on different aspects of entire patient healing. iThrive’s experienced mentors teach the importance of taking different essential aspects of an individual, such as their lifestyle, heath history, genetics, etc., into account and concluding on root causes before giving any nutritional guidance. The modules include interpreting data on a blood report, understanding chronic diseases and their Functional Nutrition therapy, Introduction to gut microbiome, diseases and impacts of gut microbes and tools for healing the gut and so on.

Advance Level
4 months
18 Mentors

Take a peek at what you gain

Benefits of becoming an iThrive Certified Functional Nutritionist

Quadruple your earning potential
Get employed at iThrive as a Functional Nutritionist
Start your career as a Freelance Health Coach
Become a Nutrition Researcher
Become a part of iThrive Academy faculty
Be connected with the iThrive Academy team for latest research through our private student group
Be a part of monthly real life case discussions
Affiliate as an iThrive Collaborator

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Meet our team

iThrive Academy enlists expert Instructors who provide the thinking, assessment tools, and tactics you need to become a successful Functional Nutritionist

Mugdha Pradhan
Founder & CEO, iThrive
M.Sc, Food Science & Nutrition
Shagun Arya
Chief of iARC
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Suyash Bhandari
Chief of iThrive Essentials
M.Sc, Food Science & Nutrition
Avinash Deshmukh
COO, iThrive
Padmashri Shanmugaraj
Functional Nutritionist
Manali Chindarkar
Functional Nutritionist, R&D Division
M.Sc, ND Nutrigenomics
Aditya Sangore
Health Supplements Researcher
Clinical Psychology
Kashish Arora
Functional Movement Coach
Chartered accountant
Sahara Sarang
Biochemistry, Research Skills & Virome
Research Skills & Virome
Maneesha Rana
Functional Nutritionist
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Saloni Kulkarni
Client Services Manager, Health Coach
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Wilson Kenneth Suchitha
Professional musician and a Chef
Natasha Jha
Functional Nutritionist
Meryn Aricatt
Sports Nutritionist
Sports Nutrition - iThrive Evolve
Akanksha Singh
Academy Instructor
Manual Physical Therapist
Prerna Shahani
Functional Nutritionist
Functional Nutrition
Dr. Avneet Kaur Matharu
Functional Nutritionist
Functional Nutrition
Vandita Bomb
Functional Nutritionist
Functional Nutrition
Merin Alexander
Functional Nutritionist
Functional Nutrition

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See what our students have to say

I am a practicing functional nutritionist who is now able to help my patients better.

This course helped me understand different concepts of clinical nutrition and food nutrition therapy that I did not learn as part of my master's programme. I can now reverse my client’s lifestyle diseases in a shorter span of time much more effectively. I thank all the faculty members for the continued support that all the students of the academy enjoy even after the course gets over.

iThrive Academy Student & Current Faculty, Batch I

The opportunity to integrate this knowledge with my existing skills as a therapist was a very welcome choice

This course not only teaches you about the various systems of the body and how they work but they also help you to understand them when they don't function properly through the analysis of comprehensive blood test reports as well as the role of nutrient-rich food and essential supplements. I hope you also choose to study functional nutrition and be that physical therapist with an edge over the others

Akanksha Singh
Physical Therapist

Before this of course I was just giving them Homeopathy and a little bit of supplementation here and there

“[Through the course] there was lot of understanding about detox. We all have a very standard understanding of detox with the kadhas and green juices . But I needed to understand all of those things in detail. And detox is a very, very deep subject. That was an added thing to my practice. Sometimes patients are suffering from a lot of build-up of toxins and when you get rid of that, that’s when true healing starts happening.”

Dr. Avneet Kaur Matharu
Laxmi Priya
Batch 3 Student

The course has been amazing and very inspirational so far, the knowledge depth and base of the teachers is commendable. If you are passionate about learning how you can take control of your health and thereby your life .. in an Indian backdrop this is the course. How much you can assimilate and how much more you can research is totally individual but there is so much guidance. Sometimes I'm guilty of asking stupid questions but each of them are patiently answered by my teachers. I highly recommend this course.

Batch 1 Student

iThrive’s FNM course has been intellectually stimulating and very humbling for me. I look forward to each and every session! All the mentors are generous with their knowledge and I can’t appreciate this more. I can feel myself vibrating at a higher frequency.

Batch 9 Student

Hello! Samruddhi Dodmise. I have just joined ithrive academy for doing a functional medicine course. I got motivated by mugdha's videos on youtube and other social platforms. The concept behind functional nutrition to find a root cause and then treating the patients is very good and helps the people to heal quickly and be healthy for a long time. It's just the second week my class has started and I didn't have any nutritional background but then also the teachers and all the staff have made the concepts so easy and I can grasp everything quickly. I will always have gratitude towards all the ithrive members. On the occasion of ithrive turning 1 I wish all the very best luck for each of us for their career. Thank you☺️

Batch 2 Student

Functional nutrition has greatly helped me identify pieces of puzzles in nutrition science that mainstream nutrition science would never have done. I feel that I now have a greater understanding of what goes inside my body and how to heal it in times of adversity. Also with thousands of supplements in the market, functional nutrition allowed me to choose which ones are really effective and which ones are a marketing gimmick. If one wants to heal holistically, functional nutrition is the way to go!

Batch 5 Student

I believe what you do is the future of healing. I came in and learned more than what I expected to, which still makes me wonder that I still have so much to cover from the course even after graduating. To add, the atmosphere of learning was great as you felt really welcomed and at ease with the coaches. Thank you for the help and many best wishes for the future. 🙏 At the beginning it all looked very scary, difficult. Even though being a doctor I understood a lot of things easily but I was not sure of my ability- if I will be able to put all this knowledge together and make sense of it and help patients. Now that we're in the end stage of our batch - we're done with group evaluation, the confidence is building up. It's actually fun working out things in these steps - it gives more clarity about the healing process. Forever grateful to have found this amazing community who is out there to help, teach and heal ❤️

Pankhuri Purnima
Batch 4 Student

Thrive Academy has been my initial step in entering the field of Functional Nutrition. Being a Post graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics, I had a good command in this field already but learning the functional aspect of nutrition has expanded my quest for knowledge and learning more. I came to know that there are many other aspects like toxins, stress, supplements, coaching, and movement that are required along with nutrition to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Thankyou iThrive Academy for making me feel guided. Special thanks to Mugdha and Ria Jain. 😇

Avani Gondalia
Batch 1 Student

My time at the iThrive Academy was fantastic – it provided invaluable insights and incredible foundational knowledge. The teachers are clearly passionate about empowering students with the right tools to help foster root cause healing. It's also a wonderfully warm, collaborative community that I am proud to be a part of.

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