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Certificate course in Understanding Dietary Supplements
by iThrive Academy

3-hour dietary supplement class to provide you with extensive knowledge of supplement science and guidelines to select the best essentials for achieving optimum health.

Get complete knowledge and guidance about dietary supplements from India's Leading Functional Nutrition Institute.

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Of urban youth take at least one supplement in India

Survey by ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India)

This indicates the spread of the supplement market and the need for authentic knowledge in supplement science.

As you are reading this you might be having questions like:

Do supplements really work?

Are supplements safe?

Should I consult a doctor or a nutritionist before taking supplements?

How to choose dietary supplements?

Don't our foods provide the same vitamins and minerals

What are the key considerations when recommending Dietary Supplements?

This comprehensive course will demystify all your supplement questions and arm you with the skills to select high-quality supplements catering to specific health goals.

Save hours of online searches and prevent your money from getting wasted on inferior-quality products

Optimize your health, improve lifestyle diseases and nourish your body with the required nutrients daily

Elevate your practice and get better results by curating customised supplement plans for your clients

What you will learn in this 3-hour masterclass?

1 Introduction to Dietary Supplement

- What are dietary supplements?
- What are Nutraceuticals?
- What are Pharmaceutical drugs?
- What are Functional foods?
- Difference between dietary supplements and functional foods
- Difference between dietary supplements and pharmaceutical drugs (medicines)

2Types of supplements

- Synthetic supplements
- Natural supplements (Nutraceuticals)

3 Understanding the need for supplementation in India

- Nutrient deficiencies
- Management of chronic lifestyle diseases
- Degradation of food quality

4 History of Dietary Supplemetns
5 Forms of supplements
6 Determinants of supplementation
7 Clean supplements
8 Factors to look out for in clean supplements
9 5 basic supplements everyone should take


Enhance your supplement wisdom with researched-backed insights.

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This course will be greatly beneficial for you if you are:

An athlete aspiring to enhance your fitness and performance levels
A sports nutritionist
Nutritionist or dietitian
Healthcare professional
Interested in integrative healthcare
Functional medicine practitioner
Sports enthusiast
Sports Parent

After taking these course you will be able to:


Understand the dietary supplements science


Get the skills to select clean and good quality supplements


Discover why there is a dire need of supplementation in India


Learn about factors that help determine the need of supplementation


Discern the important supplements needed on a daily basis


Provide the best possible advice on supplements to your clients

Highlights of the course:

In detailed explanations of all the topics

Online and self paced learning

Certificate of learning and course completion

Lifetime access to the recording

Downloadable PDFs of the presentation

Access to a knowledge forum for future learning

Ready to become a Certified Supplement Pro?

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Meet your expert instructor

Suyash Bhandari is the head of iThrive’s supplement vertical - iThrive Essentials. He has succeeded in curating superior-quality supplements providing tangible, progressive results. His proficiency lies in thorough research and experimentation and he strives to continuously upgrade his knowledge base. Suyash’s vision is to help people become their strongest selves.

In this course, Suyash will guide you through his rich experience and expertise in the field of nutritional supplementation.

iThrive Academy is a functional nutrition teaching institute that provides India’s only Online Certification Course in Functional Nutrition. It has had a promising tenure grooming 200+ successful functional nutritionists up till now. The institute is internationally recognized with top functional nutrition expert instructors empowering students to turn their passion for nutrition and healing into rewarding career opportunities.

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