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iThrive Academy instructors are experts in their own field and passionate about spreading their knowledge.

Mugdha Pradhan

Founder & CEO, iThrive

Mugdha’s vision is to create healthier, happier, lifestyle-disease free communities across the world every single day. With her expertise in Functional Nutrition, her ability to build strong teams and beautiful cultures and her passion for scientific research and evidence-based work, her company- iThrive has recently raised 350k pre-series A funding round. Mugdha is currently working on helping people solve not just their physical health issues but also complex mental health issues with assorted modalities such as meditation, subconscious reprogramming, counselling and therapy.

Ria Jain

Head, iThrive Academy

Ria Jain is the head of department, iTHRIVE Academy. She has a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and comes with strong academic leadership. She is in charge of managing and developing the courses offered as part of iTHRIVE academy. She also ensures achievement of highest standards of excellence in all the activities. She is also one of the instructors for the Functional Nutrition Mastery course. Her love for data and analytics makes her a huge asset in team iTHRIVE.

Suyash Bhandari

Head of iThrive Essentials

Suyash has a Master's in Food Science and Nutrition, is a certified sports and clinical nutritionist, a certified nutrigenomics counselor and a certified holistic lifestyle coach. His ability to teach his patients about their mind-body connection and the root causes of their health problems makes him a key member of team Thrive.

Avinash Deshmukh

COO, iThrive

He is our success story, who 10 years ago, tried and tested our program and transformed himself from an obese, anxious person who had hypertension and gout to a healthy mentally strong person who got rid of all his health problems including symptoms related to it. Now he coaches others to improve their physical, psychological, emotional and physiological problems. Avinash can relate to people's issues and heal them through the power of Functional Nutrition.

Padmashri Shanmugaraj

Functional Nutritionist

Padmashri Shanmugaraj is a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Diabetes Educator, Nutrigenomics Counsellor and a Functional Nutritionist with 17+ years of progressive experience in patient counseling, Corporate Wellness Programs, content writing, Academics as well as Recruitment and Training of dietitians. She is a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Clinical dietetics and hospital food service. She also holds Life Memberships of IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) and IAPEN. She is the founder and managing partner at Prime Health Consultants.

Riya Sugandhi

Functional Nutritionist, R&D Division

Riya is a people's person who knows that Food is the way to one's heart, and with right knowledge and qualification in food and nutrition she now knows that Food is also the right key to mind and a person's good health . With a goal for improving and looking after the well being of all she believes that it's her duty and passion to make the community a better place for people to live in.

Manali Chindarkar

Functional Nutritionist, R&D Division

Manali has a Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics with a specialization in Nutrigenomics and Bachelor's in Biochemistry. Her determination to solve problems makes her an approachable nutritionist and an integral part of iThrive's research team. She also has extensive knowledge on research papers; how to read and write them, and is keen on educating others about it.

Shagun Arya

Functional Nutritionist, Health Coach

With a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Shagun has a strong belief in being nutritionally and sustainably mindful. Her quest for knowledge drives her to chase her passion of lifelong learning and teaching. She is a goal-driven person who is passionate about healing people through food.

Aditya Sangore

Health Supplements Researcher

Aditya holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and is currently working on his master's in Clinical Psychology. He has a keen interest in functional nutrition & has been researching health supplements for the past 2 years. He approaches nutrition through a bio-energetics' perspective & specializes in his research of toxins and detox. He is also currently working on solutions to optimize mental health through an ideal nutritional plan & nootropics.

Kashish Arora

Functional Movement Coach

Kashish is a chartered accountant turned personal trainer who helps people by teaching them the art of correct movement. His core expertise lies in helping people reestablish their stability, mobility and strength by changing their poor posture and movement patterns. His focus area includes correcting injuries and spinal misalignment arising out of faulty lifestyles and increasing strength and mobility.

Sahara Sarang

Biochemistry, Research Skills & Virome

Sahara has a Master's in Biotechnology. She is passionate about Molecular Biology and Biochemistry research. She aspires to grow every single day and contributes to iTHRIVE through her brainy research skills.

Wilson Kenneth Suchitha

Professional musician and a Chef

Hello, I'm Wilson Kenneth Suchitha and Kenny is the name my friends call me. I'm a professional musician and a chef. I've traveled the world performing music.I'm a graduate of Ithrive Academy's batch 10.

Mayank Kohli

Professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor

Hi, I'm Mayank Kohli. I’m a professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor. I have been teaching MMA and have been competing in various martial arts for many years. I am also an alumnus of iThrive academy, batch 5. As an instructor at ITHRIVE academy, I teach the module on ‘functional movement’.

R. Gowthami

Naturopathic Physician

Hi, I am Gowthami and I'm a naturopathic physician and an alumni of ithrive academy, batch 13. As an instructor at IThrive academy I teach the module ,' Anatomy and Physiology '

Natasha Jha

Functional Nutritionist

I’m Natasha, a Functional Nutritionist and graduate of Batch 8 at iThrive. I will be taking you through the Functional Nutrition Therapy module where we will discuss food as a crucial aspect of healing.

Anagha Gawade


Anagha Gawade holds a Master's degree in Biotechnology. She is particularly passionate about studying in the areas of Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry due to her insatiable desire for knowledge. She stays current on new findings and seeks to offer readers original, scientifically valid research.

Meryn Aricatt

Sports Nutritionist

Meryn has completed her Master’s program in Sports Science and believes that “Nutrition can either make a great athlete good or a good athlete great”. She is passionate about helping sports persons by applying her knowledge of sports nutrition in enhancing their performance and making their lives healthier and happier.

Akanksha Singh

Academy Instructor

Akanksha is a Manual Physical Therapist with a Master's degree in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation from Manipal University. She has an experience of ten plus years in the field practising at different corporate set ups. Her inherent love for Anatomy & Physiology along with keen interest in health & wellness sector drew her to study Functional Nutrition. She believes in the power of therapeutic exercises and nutrition to help people take charge of their health. She currently serves iThrive as an instructor for Anatomy & Physiology.

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