A comprehensive guide to keeping your heart healthy

Learn how to take care of your heart health and prevent heart diseases with diet and lifestyle strategies.



3 hours (self-paced)




Rs. 499/-


Why take this course?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world today.

The shadows of heart issues are lurking in unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyles. The rapid increase in the rate of heart attacks is calling attention to the need to become alert and understand how to take care of your heart

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This 3-hour class will enable you to:

Nourish your heart with proper diet & lifestyle
Guide your clients in maintaining heart health
Detect warning signs & take early action
Prevent heart complications


Anatomy and Functions of the Heart
Advanced tests for CVDs
Types of Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)
Primary root causes behind heart problems
Symptoms of heart diseases
Updated lifestyle and dietary guidelines


Ria Jain holds a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and comes with strong academic leadership experience. She is in charge of developing and managing courses at iThrive Academy. Her proficiency lies in research and she ensures the achievement of the highest standards in her endeavors.

Ria Jain
Chief of Academy


Mugdha Pradhan is internationally certified, one of India’s most sought-after Functional Nutritionist with 20+ years of experience in healing 100+ diseases. She empowers iThrive, India’s leading functional nutrition organization with her immense knowledge and experience in reversing diseases with natural methods. Mugdha is dedicated to sharing her practical wisdom which is driven by her mission to create a disease-free world.

Mugdha Pradhan
Founder & CEO, iThrive


Saloni Kulkarni leads the team of functional nutritionists at iThrive and administers client services. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition care espousing diet and lifestyle interventions. Her endeavors are rooted in her firm belief that food and lifestyle habits have the potential to reverse illnesses and restore well-being.

Saloni Kulkarni
Head of Client Services, iThrive


Suyash Bhandari heads iThrive’s Dietary Supplements vertical - iThrive Essentials. Inspired by the vision to help people become their strongest selves, Suyash strives to continuously update his knowledge base in human biology & functional nutrition science. He holds a rich experience in the field of alternative healthcare & nutritional supplementation.

Suyash Bhandari
Chief of iThrive Essentials

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