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We are glad to have you as iThrive’s Associate and look forward to exploring growth opportunities together.

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Referral Program

Refer potential leads for our Alive! and Academy's iCFN course and get Rs. 5000 commission on conversions.

Healer's Helpline

Receive assistance from iThrive’s experts in your nutrition and health consultations.

Alluring Rewards

Enjoy substantial discounts on iThrive's products & services.

Blood Test Booking

Book comprehensive blood tests for Root Cause Analysis at highly subsidized prices.

To that end, iThrive extends its services via three verticals:

iThrive ALIVE

A 90-day healing program designed to reverse chronic lifestyle diseases and optimize health holistically. We have achieved remarkable success in treating 174+ diseases including diabetes, hypertension, PCOS, thyroid disorders and a range of mystery illnesses.


Functional Nutrition Teaching Institute that offers basic to advanced courses in health and nutrition including India’s first online certification in functional nutrition program.

iThrive Essentials

Premium nutritional supplements scientifically formulated to enhance health and fulfill everyday nutrient requirements.

Meet your Relationship Manager

A Relationship Manager is in charge of communication and coordination in iThrive’s Healer's program. They maintain records of the referrals and ensure that you sail through smooth experience while availing any of the healer’s services. They will be your point of contact in your respective Healer's Lounge. Through their diligent coordination they foster a transparent and collaborative relationship in our Healer's Lounge club.

Referral Program

Know someone who can benefit from iThrive’s Alive! Healing service? Or some folks who’d like to learn functional nutrition? They can be your next sources of income.

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What about iThrive Essentials, are there any recommendation benefits there too?

Yes. We offer a total referral commission of 20%. You can contact your Relationship Manager to adjust the discount-commission split.

When will I receive payment for my referrals?

The amount will be credited to your account in the following month of the sale.

Even if I don’t refer leads for programs, will I be able to avail the benefits of Healer's Lounge?

Yes, Definitely.

Is it mandatory for me to refer leads under this program?

No. It is your voluntary decision if you want to refer leads and earn benefits.

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Healer's Helpline

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Here are the services you can receive from iThrive’s experienced healing professionals:

Root Cause Analysis

Short description

Customized Protocol

Short description

Supplements List

Short description

Advanced Test Analysis

Short description

Discover more about the Healer's Helpline

Could you please let me know the pricing for the services?

Please reach out to your Relationship Manager.

Do I need to avail all services at a time?

Not necessarily. You can individually ask for any one service. However, we advise at least having the RCA done, before asking for any other services for more accuracy and consistency. Also, Advanced test interpretation is only needed if advanced tests have been done.

What blood tests are to be conducted?

There is a specific list of tests that are required to be conducted for the RCA. This list will be shared with you on your Healer's Lounge.

Will my client know that I am availing services from iThrive?

Please do not worry. There will be complete confidentiality maintained between you and iThrive and there will be no communication by iThrive with your client. Stay assured.

Is it mandatory for me to refer leads under this program?

No. It is your voluntary decision if you want to refer leads and earn benefits.

Elevate your consulting practice with iThrive and let’s strive together towards the vision of healing the planet.

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