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Certificate course in Muscle Gaining

by iThrive Academy & Research Center
Details of the Program
Time: 3 Hours (self-paced)
Format: Recorded
Price: Rs. 499/-

Muscle Mass is a Marker of Longevity

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About the Course

The science and strategies behind building muscle

Building muscle mass does not just shape your body aesthetically, but it also shapes your life by enhancing your health. This course covers everything from the physiology of gaining muscles to the practical application to maximize and maintain those gains.

The course will answer your questions like:

What do I need to eat to gain muscle?
How should I exercise to gain muscle?
How will bulking up affect my health?
How long does it really take to build muscle?

Learning Path

1. Introduction to Muscular Tissue
Types of muscular tissue
Functions of Muscular Tissue
Properties of Muscular Tissue
2. Structure of skeletal muscle tissue
3. Muscle Proteins
Importance of Stretching
Importance of exercising
What is Strength Training
Hormones and their impact on muscles.
Factors impacting muscle growth.
Nutritional needs for muscle gaining.
Exogenous administration of hormones and their impact.
Supplements to promote muscle hypertrophy and strength gains.
Muscular hypertrophy and why big, bulky muscles aren’t always better.
Best portable muscle building tools to keep handy on the go.
4. Muscle Metabolism

Bonus: 7 Reasons you are not burning fat

Highlights of learning with iThrive Academy & Research Centre


Detailed explanations of all the topics


Curated & taught by leading experts in Functional Nutrition


Certification of Completion


Live classes + recorded sessions to watch at your convenience


Downloadable PDFs of learning material


Access to nutrition-loving community

Build Muscle for a Stronger, Leaner, Healthier You

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Meet your expert instructor

Ria Jain holds a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and comes with strong academic leadership experience. She is in charge of developing and managing courses at iThrive Academy. Her proficiency lies in research and she ensures the achievement of the highest standards in her endeavours.

In this course, Ria will guide you through her rich experience and expertise in the field of nutritional supplementation.

About iThrive Academy

iThrive Academy is a functional nutrition teaching institute that provides India’s only Online Certification Course in Functional Nutrition. It has had a promising tenure grooming 400+ successful functional nutritionists up till now. The institute is internationally recognized with top functional nutrition expert instructors empowering students to turn their passion for nutrition and healing into rewarding career opportunities.

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