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Learn to decipher the data unraveled by cutting-edge diagnostic tests to get to the bottom of health dysfunctions.

Deep Dive into Advanced Tests

by iThrive Academy & Research Centre
Details of the Program
Duration: 6 Weeks
No. of Sessions: 18
Format: Online [LIVE]
Time: 3:00 - 4:00PM IST
Days: Tue-Thu-Sat
Starting: 14th May, 2024

Learn to decipher greater depths of health markers with cutting-edge Advanced Tests

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About the Course

Technology has revolutionized the field of healthcare.

Its peculiar impact is seen in the diagnosis of health disorders. Leading-edge tests like GI MAP, OMX and Genetics tests penetrate the bodily systems and magnify the minutest elements to reveal the exact reason for diseases and severity of infections. It has become inevitable for healthcare practitioners to have knowledge of such advanced tests.

This course will enable you to comprehend the test data, draw accurate conclusions and devise targeted treatment plans to achieve the most optimal outcomes in your cases. It will empower you to make informed decisions and resolve complicated health concerns thereby elevating your practice and reputation.

Now you will have questions like:

What are advanced blood tests, and why are they important?
What specific conditions or health concerns can these advanced tests help diagnose or manage?
How do these advanced tests differ from traditional blood tests?
What is the process for ordering and interpreting advanced blood tests?

Tests Covered

GI Map
Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus

Pathogen Identification: Identifies a wide range of gut pathogens, including harmful bacteria and viruses, that contribute to gastrointestinal disorders.
Diagnostic Utility: Useful in diagnosing gut-related disorders by revealing infection levels and types.
Disease Connection: Aids in uncovering the gastrointestinal origins of broader health issues.
Comprehensive Analysis: Provides a detailed microbial profile of the gut environment.
Treatment Guidance: Helps in formulating targeted treatment strategies based on specific gut pathogens identified.

Organic Metabolomics Test

Metabolic Insight: Assesses organic acids and their metabolic pathways to understand body performance.
Deficiency Identification: Identifies biochemical deficiencies that could influence overall health.
Mental Health Correlation: Offers insights into how metabolic functions are linked to mental health conditions.
Chronic Illness Analysis: Helps pinpoint biochemical dysfunctions that may contribute to chronic diseases.
Preventative Potential: Provides data critical for preventing and managing long-term health issues through biochemical adjustments.

Functional Genomic Analysis

Genetic Blueprint: Acts as a comprehensive guide to how the body functions on a genetic level.
Illness Predisposition: Essential for understanding genetic predisposition to various diseases.
Epigenetic Insights: Explores epigenetic factors and their impact on disease development.
Disease Development: Crucial for the study and prevention of complex diseases through genomic insights.
Intervention Guidance: Assists in planning preventive and therapeutic interventions based on genetic data.

Cyrex Array 10
Food Immune Reactivity

Immune Response Evaluation: Tests immune reactions to various food substances including raw and modified foods, food enzymes, lectins, and additives.
Autoimmune Trigger Detection: Aids in early detection of dietary-related autoimmune triggers.
Dietary Protocol Monitoring: Useful for tracking the effectiveness of personalized dietary interventions.
Symptom Investigation: Recommended for individuals with unexplained gastrointestinal, neurological, or dermatological symptoms.
Intestinal Permeability: Suitable for evaluating increased intestinal permeability, a risk factor for autoimmune disorders.

Cyrex Array 11
Chemical Immune Reactivity

Chemical Exposure Assessment: Identifies immune reactions to various chemicals indicating potential toxicity or intolerance.
Autoimmune Link: Highlights the connection between chemical exposures and autoimmune reactions.
Neurotoxic Impact Analysis: Evaluates the neurological effects of metals and other chemicals on the brain.
Comprehensive Antibody Testing: Offers extensive antibody testing against metals, brain antigens, and other chemicals.
Environmental Health Insights: Provides a broader understanding of how environmental toxins impact immune health and contribute to chronic conditions.

Cyrex Array 12
Pathogen-Associated Immune Reactivity

Pathogen Identification: Screens for a wide array of pathogens known to trigger or exacerbate autoimmune conditions.
Autoimmunity Mechanisms: Details how certain pathogens may induce autoimmunity through molecular mimicry and other mechanisms.
Comprehensive Coverage: Includes gastrointestinal and oral pathogens, environmental molds, and tick-borne diseases.
Targeted Testing: Useful for understanding pathogen-related immune reactions and their specific triggers.
Preventive Strategy Development: Assists in crafting interventions aimed at mitigating pathogen-induced autoimmune responses.

Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones

Hormone Profiling: Measures a variety of hormones and their metabolites providing a comprehensive hormonal overview.
Circadian Rhythm Assessment: Analyzes daily patterns of cortisol and cortisone to evaluate adrenal function and circadian health.
Metabolite Analysis: Delves into the breakdown products of hormones for a deeper insight into hormone processing.
Functional Medicine Application: Widely used in functional medicine to address hormone-related health issues.
Indicative Testing: Ideal for individuals with symptoms of hormonal imbalances, adrenal issues, and for monitoring hormone therapy efficacy.

SelfDecode DNA Analysis:

AI-Driven Genomic Insights: Utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze up to 83 million genetic variants for detailed health insights.
Personalized Health Recommendations: Provides prioritized health recommendations tailored to individual genetic profiles.
Extensive Variant Analysis: Reviews over 1 million genetic variants per report, significantly more than other DNA tests.
Scientifically Backed: Supports findings with peer-reviewed scientific studies available in the reports.
Genetic Risk Scoring: Offers a genetic risk score that helps in understanding potential health risks based on DNA analysis.

Hair Elements Test
Elemental Hair Analysis

Elemental Concentration: Determines the concentration of 29 different elements in the hair, reflecting body imbalances.
Temporal Insight: Provides a long-term view of element levels, offering insights not available through blood or urine tests.
Cellular Level Analysis: Focuses on cellular interactions and the impact of elemental levels on overall health.
Reliability and Accuracy: Considered more reliable for assessing mineral content than other testing methods.
Health Indicator: Useful for diagnosing health issues related to mineral imbalances and elemental toxicities.

MycoTOX Profile

Comprehensive Toxin Assessment: Evaluates exposure to 11 different mycotoxins, including Aflatoxin M1 and Ochratoxin A.
Health Impact Analysis: Assesses the acute and chronic health impacts of mycotoxins on various demographic groups.
Diagnostic Guidance: Helps in diagnosing mycotoxin exposure which can be elusive due to non-specific symptoms.
Prevention and Treatment: Guides therapeutic strategies to prevent or mitigate the effects of mycotoxin exposure.
Environmental and Dietary Sources: Considers environmental and dietary origins of mycotoxins, enhancing understanding of exposure risks.

Highlights of learning with iThrive Academy & Research Centre


Dig deeper into bodily systems for accurate diagnosis of health dysfunctions


Deal with complicated health conditions


Articulate individualized treatment plans for true healing


Know which test to recommend and make optimal use of the data


Fortify your practice with root-cause detection of diseases


Achieve greater success rates in your cases

Enhance your Skillset and make sense of Complicated Cases

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