Turn Perplexing Food Labels into Smart Eating Choices

Learn how to interpret nutrition labels and ingredient lists to make informed food choices

Certification in Understanding Food Labels

by iThrive Academy & Research Center
Details of the Program
Date: 25th December
Format: Recorded
Price: Rs. 499/-

Decode Nutrition facts labels and select only what's truly healthy for you

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About the Course

Let's face it - Eating healthy is easier said than done.

Buying healthy food products is not child’s play given the sly marketing tactics, obnoxious ingredient lists and puzzling nutrition labels for food. Nonetheless, packaged foods make up a significant portion of our daily diet. So you must ensure that they are nutritious and not hazardous.

Now you will have questions like:

How do I read a food label?
Are claims like “100% natural”, “Sugar-free”, “High Nutrition Value”, etc. really true?
Are nutrition facts and ingredients mentioned on the pack safe to trust?
What are those weird chemical names, “may-contain” ingredients and numbers?

Learning Path

Day 1: Introduction to food labels and FSSAI mandates
Day 2 and 3: Decoding ingredients present in common packaged foods and beverages in India
  • Order of the ingredients mentioned on a label
  • Percentage calculation and total of each ingredient
  • Sugar and its various hidden names
  • Additives and preservatives- meaning and difference
  • Food colourants
  • Natural vs artificial flavours
  • Thickening and stabilizing agents: INS and E ingredients
  • Natural-sounding ingredients: nature-derived/nature-identical
Day 4: Discovering health and nutritional claims on the food labels
Day 5: How to make informed choices by making sense of food labels
Day 6: Q & A session to solve your doubts and queries

Highlights of learning with iThrive Academy & Research Centre


Detailed explanations of all the topics


Curated & taught by leading experts in Functional Nutrition


Certification of Completion


Live classes + recorded sessions to watch at your convenience


Downloadable PDFs of learning material


Access to nutrition-loving community

Enhance your Nutrition IQ and take control of your eating choices

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Ria Jain holds a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and comes with strong academic leadership experience. She is in charge of developing and managing courses at iThrive Academy. Her proficiency lies in research and she ensures the achievement of the highest standards in her endeavours.

About iThrive Academy

iThrive Academy is a functional nutrition teaching institute that provides India’s only Online Certification Course in Functional Nutrition. It has had a promising tenure grooming 200+ successful functional nutritionists up till now. The institute is internationally recognized with top functional nutrition expert instructors empowering students to turn their passion for nutrition and healing into rewarding career opportunities.

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